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Mechanical Engineering and Design Services



    Bradley Beach Consulting can provide engineering analysis and mechanical design as separate services. However, the goal is to integrate mechanical engineering analysis into the design process.  As part of the design cycle, judicious use of analysis techniques (such as finite element analysis) can more quickly lead to optimized end-product results. 


    Bradley Beach Consulting uses Algor's Mechanical Event Simulation package to simulate drop test conditions, flexing and motion in mechanisms, contact between elastic objects, and any transient (time-varying) or non-linear elastic phenomenon.

We also uses Algor's Static Stress Analysis package to simulate time-independent or static events.  Static problems can be solved much faster than time-dependent or non-linear problems.

We also offer simpler kinematic (motion) analysis of mechanisms and thermal analysis of electronic packaging designs.

Mechanical Design

    We have experience designing a variety of different products relating to a wide spectrum of industries.  Our design experience includes mechanisms and machines, electronic packaging, and structural components.  Such designs have involved a wide variety of materials and manufacturing processes, including injection molded plastics, thermoformed plastics, aluminum castings, CNC machined components and sheetmetal fabrication.

Pro/ENGINEER is our primary design tool and we provide a full range of design services, from concept development to arranging for prototype and production builds.

We can also arrange for rapid prototyping and can provide photo-realistic renderings for purposes such as presentations.
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