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I have been thinking about adding something specifically about Pro/Engineer to my web site for a while.  This is intended to just be a start and hopefully will be refined in the future. But for now I have a short section of Pro/Engineeer tips and a growing model library.

If you have any questions about using Pro/E, send me an email proe@blbeach.com and I will do my best to give you a good answer or tell you where to find the answer.  Also, if you think of any other models that would be a good addition to the library, please e-mail me at proe@blbeach.com and I will create and add the model.

  Pro/Engineer Tips
  Pro/Engineer Model Library - Free Pro/Engineer models, including thread forming screws for plastics (Plastite, PT, Type B), PEM hardware ( self-clinching nuts, standoffs, studs for sheet metal), Nyliner bearings for sheetmetal applications and standard applications, rotor clip (E clips), Parker series 2-xxx orings, and a spur gear with involute tooth form.

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