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Mechanical Engineering and Design Services

We have provided engineering services in a variety of capacities to the following companies:
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  Electrolux Home Products Performed stress analysis on plastic chainsaw components.
  Novellus Systems Mechanical engineer in the development of semiconductor capital equipment. Participated in the design of multiple subsystems of a copper electrofill tool.
  Process Tube System Gas box packaging design for a new product.
  VideoTele.com Mechanical design for Compact PCI based communications processing equipment.
  Fuse Industrial Design Design review of a modular office desk system, focusing on structural integrity and manufacturablity.  Performed a torsional stiffness design study of a structural element using linear and non-linear finite element methods.
  Network Elements Inc. Designed Thermal/EMI packaging solution for optical networking equipment.
  Epoch Product Design Performed an impact simulation on an enclosure design using finite element methods.
  SPM United Plastics Group, Inc Designed modular components of a mail sorting machine.  Components were designed to be manufactured using gas-assist injection molding techniques.
  Consolidated Metco, Inc. Designed cast aluminum components for large trucks and preformed stress analysis as part of design process using finite element methods.
  Scott Peterson Design Inc. Designed a power supply packaging solution for a mobile medical monitoring unit.
  Geomar Corp. Mechanical design of a small digital musical sampling machine and an aftermarket automobile LCD television.
  Tektronix, Inc. Led a risk reduction/redesign effort to cool a thermally sensitive circuit board and power supply in a new oscilloscope.   Developed a conceptual design of a latching mechanism for a new product.
  Sparton Electronics Lead mechanical engineer designing an automated slide preparation machine and an endoscope cleaner/irrigation unit.
  Pitney Bowes Designed a cut-sheet paper transport and other mechanisms for a matched mailing machine.
  Lockheed-Martin Performed electronic packaging design on a new product and developed a conceptual design for an auto-focus mechanism.
  Harris Corporation Participated in design and testing of ultra low-shock flight restraint mechanisms.   Performed piece part stress analysis.
  Lexmark Participated in developing a new process to be used in a new laser printer design.  Performed stress analysis of various printer components.
  IBM Participated in solving various manufacturing/design problems relating to a laser printer toner cartridge.   Designed and tested components for a prototype ink jet printer.
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